New Features

  • Cropping Images: Tailor your images with our new cropping tool, enhancing precision in your edits.
  • Grouping Objects: Streamline your workspace by easily grouping and ungrouping objects. Visual cues indicate when objects are grouped, with states preserved for your convenience.
  • Scope Field for Boards: Define and clarify the scope of your projects with the new "Scope" field, enabling better organization and focus.
  • Home Page Filter: Enhance your search efficiency with refined filtering options on the Home Page.
  • Board Search in Editor and Present Modes: Filter and find elements within your boards more effectively, whether editing or presenting.
  • New Visualizations: Context Map: Visualize relationships and dependencies within your ServiceNow ecosystem inside-out from a specific starting point.
  • New Visualizations: List View: Display tabular data clearly and effectively.
  • Shape Relationship Style: Apply styles dynamically based on relationships between shapes.
  • Additional Styles for Relationship Link Points: Customize the appearance of your diagrams with new styles for relationship links.
  • Active Attribute in Shape Categories: Toggle shape categories on and off during editing to streamline your workflow.


  • Backend Relationships: Enhanced backend processes for better performance.
  • Sharing Feature: Increased reliability and functionality in sharing features.
  • Visuals and Panels: Updated visuals for real-time indicators, left, and right panels for improved user interaction.
  • Performance: General stability and performance upgrades ensure a smoother, faster YouDesign experience.
  • Kanban Visualization: Enhanced Kanban board functionalities for a more intuitive task management.

Bug Fixes

Note: The list below highlights significant issues resolved in this release. For a comprehensive bug fix list, refer to the detailed change log.

  • Image Handling: Resolved image addition and manipulation issues.
  • Access Control: Improved security measures for better access control within the application.
  • Homepage Management: Fixed bugs affecting boards, folders, and teamspace management.
  • Modeling Experience: Enhanced stability and functionality in modeling features.
  • Configuration Cache: Addressed cache issues during configuration deletions.
  • Hierarchy Map Visualizations: Resolved visualization issues in hierarchy mapping.

Welcome to the initial release of YouDesign, the cutting-edge solution developed by ins-pi and seamlessly integrated within the ServiceNow platform. YouDesign represents a revolutionary approach to diagramming and modeling, offering real-time visualization capabilities directly within the ServiceNow environment.

With YouDesign, enterprises can unleash their creativity and streamline their planning processes by transforming complex data into dynamic diagrams, models, and visualizations.

This release marks the beginning of a new era in enterprise transformation, where informed decision-making is effortlessly combined with the power of ServiceNow.

YouDesign Introduction


  • Modern User Interface: Elevates user experience with intuitive design.
  • High Performance: Fully embedded within ServiceNow for optimal efficiency.
  • Effortless Administration: Reduces administrative overhead with embedded nature.
  • Instant Setup and Updates: One-click installation and effortless updates.
  • Infinite Boards: Consolidate artifacts onto expansive, centralized boards.
  • Flexible Sharing: Tailor accessibility of Teamspaces, Folders, and Boards.
  • Teamspaces: Tailored for precise delivery of context to specific audiences.
  • Granular Data Visibility: Control access to relevant information for data security.
  • Live Data Editing: Access real-time data within ServiceNow for dynamic visualization.
  • Interactive Visualizations: Derive insights and communicate concepts with clarity;
    • Hierarchy Map, Kanban and more coming soon!


For more details and full list of features please check out the Knowledge article of YouDesign Key Features

YouDesign your future

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Learn more about YouDesign, check out the our carefully crafted Knowledge Base here.